Update Sygic Mobile Maps 10 per Nokia N900

Update Sygic Mobile Maps 10 per Nokia N900

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moz screenshot Update Sygic Mobile Maps 10 per Nokia N900Riceviamo da Anna Hurbanic, PR manager di Sygic, il seguente comunicato:

“Siamo felici di annunciare che il nostro Sygic Mobile Maps 10, navigatore turn-by-turn con istruzioni vocali, per Nokia N900 è stato accettato presso Nolkia Ovi Store e sarà disponibile come aggiornamento gratis per tutti coloro che hanno già acquistato Mobile Maps. L’applicazione aggiornata è disponibile per tutti i nuovi clienti presso lo shop on line di Sygic ed è in attesa di approvazione presso l’Ovi Store”.

sygicN900 259x425 Update Sygic Mobile Maps 10 per Nokia N900Dopo il break il comunicato ufficiale (in Inglese) di Sygic.

Sygic Mobile Maps has been the first and only turn-by-turn voice guided navigation application for Nokia N900 phones since March 2010.

Sygic Mobile Maps 10 has now been submitted to Nokia Ovi Store as a free update for existing users. Once the update is approved by Nokia Ovi Store team, all current users of Sygic Mobile Maps will be notified to download their free update. Sygic online shop customers of the Maemo app have already received instructions from Sygic Support Team about how to update their application on August 6th.

After the Nokia Ovi Store team approval, Mobile Maps 10 will instantly be available also for the new customers on Nokia Ovi Store. Sygic online shop is featuring Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo devices for the new customers since August 6th. Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo covers regions of Europe, USA and Canada. Due to size limitation for the app on Ovi Store, there are different apps (in terms of regional content) available from Ovi Store http://store.ovi.com/ and from Sygic web online shop www.sygic.com/maemo.

What’s new in Mobile Maps 10:

  • The app has a brand new look and feel
  • Addition of online sharing of speed traps or road incident locations.
  • Navigation to addresses stored in phone’s Contacts is available.
  • Scrolling through menus, lists and map zooming supports touch-screen gestures so that no buttons are needed when using Mobile Maps.
  • Full support of automatic rotation to portrait mode, and full-screen mode.
  • New English, 2 Spanish and Chinese instruction voices added (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese), Chinese user interface languages (Traditional and Simplified).
  • Recent state or country is stored automatically, new destination entry is easier and non-relevant cities from various states will not pop up. If users want to pick a destination from a country other than the one they used the last time, they can just tap Back button on the keyboard to display the list of all available countries.
  • New speed camera database– FREE of charge. 99% speed camera coverage.
  • Maps have also received an upgrade. Now with more detail, safer and easier navigation.

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